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Unmatched VPS. Unmatched Prices.

European Dedicated Virtual Private Servers

The Unthinkable PriestSoldier Kept in SilenceFortune of the Terrifying CryptCzar who is the Ghostly Whisperer
Lotion of the Angry DemonEndless Titans' HatEthereal Yellow MechanismAmazons' Dagger
Cores2 vCPU4 vCPU8 vCPU16 vCPU
RAM8 GB16 GB32 GB60 GB
Storage80 GB160 GB260 GB360 GB
Traffic10 TB20 TB20 TB30 TB
Bandwidth1 Gbps1 Gbps1 Gbps1 Gbps
LocationBucharest, RomaniaBucharest, RomaniaBucharest, RomaniaBucharest, Romania

Custom Magical Virtual Private Server?

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Available Magic for Our Geeks

Realm Acceleration Enabled


10s Zapper Spellcraft

Wolf Inheritors have specially crafter this for geeks that want to start their virtual private servers in seconds.


Ocean Halo Magic

From the Subterranian Spiders Of Shat, Ocean Halo Magic brings the performance in your dedicated virtual private servers.


Kings' Orb

Tearing Eaters From Bolosa-yibha from The Underwater World has brought you the best VPS panel - you will be able to perform any needed actions from basic start to snapshots.


Royal Mace of the Corrupt Priest

The "Happy Storms" - Halflings using gnome-engineered flying harnesses, armed with maces and spears. This unit is mainly used for Geeks Technical Support and excelent services.


Are all my resouces dedicated?

Yes. That is the difference between our virtual private servers and other hosting providers. Everything that you buy, it's dedicated and it's yours.

Which plan should I choose?

WastedGeeks is set to deliver base packages for virtual private servers that can be configured from a networking, RAM, and computing power perspective. We trust our base packaging and add-ons will fit your purpose.

What form of payments do you accept

We currently accept payments via Paypal and bank transfers.

How do you invoice your servers?

Virtual Private Servers have both a monthly price and a price per hour. If you delete your VPS before the end of the billing month, you will only be billed the hourly rate. We will bill you for each VPS until you choose to delete them.

How flexible is your billing?

As soon as you decide to purchase a server configuration, you can choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually billing.

Is there any way to get a custom configuration?

Customized virtual servers (additional RAM, additional/larger drives etc.) are available here.

Can I install Windows?

At the moment we are focusing on supporting Linux as an operating system. Installing Windows will not be supported by WastedGeeks.

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